This class as a whole is a more of a battle ready class and never under any circumstances should be any more than 30 feet to the front of the combat zone. This class is for those who don't need a lot of spells, but need good ones that they can cast more numerous times per day rather than the wizard. If you want to break it down in to two basic groups of sorcerers you have those who are the fireball sorcerers and than the mage armor sorcerers. The fireball sorcerers are those that take more combat related spells such as fireball or lightning bolt these are the sorcerers that need to be close to the front but not right in it. they need to focus on hitting the enemy, making sure they make their knowledge arcana checks to know what spell to hit the enemy with, than exploiting that weakness. these fireball sorecerers have very few buff spells so making sure you team him up with a cleric is imperative. The second type of sorcerer is the mage armor sorcerer which in short is focused on buffs and protecting the team. These focus on distraction spells and buffs combining a fog cloud with greater invisibility and enlarge person so the sorcerer dosen't even have to move. They control the battlefield, but gain less glory from a battle. These pair up well with up front fighters, rogues, and monks. Later i'll discuss spells for both that are good as well as prestige classes they can take.

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