These saves test your ability to dodge area attacks. Apply your Dexterity modifier to your Reflex saving throws.

This saving throw is usually calculated by 1d20+Dexterity Modifier+Class bonus and is usually made against spells like fireball, or flame strike.

Ways to boost your Dexterity score, and thus your Reflex save

- Cats grace spell

- putting your stat point every 4th level into Dexterity

Items to increase Reflex

- Cloak of resistance (DMG pg. 253)

- Vest of resistance (MIC pg. 147)

- Gloves of Dexterity (DMG pg. 257)

- Agility armor property (MIC pg. 6)

Class and Prestige classes that increase or help Reflex saves

- Exemplar 8 (Complete Adv. p.44)

- Nightcloak 7 (Nightcloak)

- Warblade 1 (ToB p.22)

- Akodo Champion 2 (Oriental Adv. p. 220/0

- Blackguard 2 (DMG pg. 181)

- Corrupt Avenger 3 (Heroes of Horror pg. 88)

- Gwenyfhar (BoED pg.56)

- Exemplar 4 (Complete Adv. pg.44)

- Hexblade 2 (Complete Warrior pg.5)

- Holy Liberator 4 (Complete Divine pg.45)

- Paladin 2 (PHB pg.42)

- Shaman 5 (Oriental Adv. pg.24)

- Slayer of Domiel 2( BoED pg.73)

- Soldier of Light ( Deities & Demigods pg.208)

- Witch Hunter (OA pg.54)


- Insightful Reflexes (Complete Adv. pg.110)

- Lightning Reflexes (PHB pg. 97)

- Luck of Heroes ( Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting pg. 36)

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